Jun 30, 2008

Getting a Job in Architecture and Design

The process of job-hunting is as important as the job itself. Better job-hunting practices lead to better jobs. Better jobs bring about greater professional fulfillment, stability, and reward - financial and otherwise. They also assure retention of a ready talent pool in the design market. Through feast and famine, good design jobs are always available; it is just a matter of finding them. This book explains. concisely, how anyone in the profession, from student intern to project manager, can go after and find the best opportunities in virtually every aspect of building-related design. David Patterson explores the complete realm of job possibilities, and explains what makes each an integral part of the profession and of the market. Major topics are arranged in the order of a basic job hunt: getting started; research, particularly computer-based, occupations; resume and portfolio preparation; interviewing; wages; and working out-of-town. As a bonus, Patterson shares his knowledge of the profession's eccentricities, trade secrets, and "learned-the-hard-way" experiences.

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