Jun 22, 2008

Reflections At Keppel Bay, Singapore

Libeskind’s first residential showcase in Asia has its platform at Keppel Bay in Singapore. His iconic design for Reflections at Keppel Bay will put Singapore on the world map for luxury waterfront homes.Rising at the water’s edge as ‘beacons of light’, the Libeskind showcase will be the epitome of premier waterfront living in Singapore. Set in lush and expansive grounds, the waterfront development features six high-rise towers, some linked by skybridges, and spacious low-rise villas. The Libeskind development will sit on a land size of approximately 84,000 sq metres with an extensive shoreline of 750 metres. Every detail and aspect of design will optimise interaction with the sea and the commanding panoramic views of its scenic surrounds including Mount Faber, Keppel Club Golf Course, Labrador Park, Sentosa and its upcoming Integrated Resort and the city skyline. (to find out more...)

In my opinion, the design of the towers look a little too dramatic, but I wont say that it is overly designed. On the other hand, the layout of the spatial arrangements (ranging from 2 bedroom - 4 bedroom units to select) and a killer view of Singapore's CBD and the waterfront does make the homes more luxurious. Trees and plants are found on the roof and in balconies makes the building look sustainable. Kudos to Libeskind and Singapore's URA.
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afterrabbit said...

You mean the architecture only 'Look' sustainable? or?


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