Jun 13, 2008

Casa Per Tutti - Housing For All

The triennale returns to the roots of its historic exhibitions, starting in 1933,with prototype houses by architects built in 1:1 scale, presented in its garden.the exhibition shows a group of projects for accommodation modules capable of providinga possible solution to emergency housing problems in metropolitan areas and thoseaffected by sudden natural catastrophes.
Though early 20th century architecture concentrated on collective housing, by the laterdecades many leading architects had shifted their interests to materiality and culturalconsumption, with the aim of creating 'icons'.'casa per tutti' reintroduces the theme of 'habitation' and its recent resurgencein the architectural realm The exhibition showcases constructive design reactions to social requirementsof communities and individuals who are deprived of the right to a home.The workson show re-announce the theme of the house as a primary resource in criticalsituations caused by urban and environmental emergencies. (to find out more..)

Deep Purple, by Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

Great amount of spacial reconfiguration possibilities within the structure , and it's able to respond & adapt to different requirements in a very short time; but isn't it too visually transparent..? The floors can be seen through, from ground to top level, it's scary, have to cover them eventually.

Umbrella House, by Kengo Kuma

A very simple logic that we have not seriously looked into, yeah? From a small rain/sun shielding device to a large (can be still bigger, in fact) light-weight shelter that shields a small community of people. And the right fabric choice can create an environment of very good natural-light quality; but I still wonder if it can be anchored firmly to the ground, even under the pressure of hurricane?

passage & images from: http://www.designboom.com/contemporary/casapertutti.html

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Anonymous said...

wonder how they deal with the ventilation issue?

afterrabbit said...

nope i don't know!
I wonder..especially the umbrella house.


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