Apr 26, 2008

Salt and Pepper in One

Salt and Pepper in One is a container that unites salt and pepper in one piece. Tilt one end for salt, the other for pepper.
Its soothing form distinguishes itself from conventional salt and pepper shakers — it blends with everyday surroundings without the hassle of hiding for special occasions. It makes itself available to us anytime.
Made of stainless steel and rubber plugs.
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I like this, a stylish yet humble piece of object which form appears to have little connection to its use.

passage & images from: http://www.munirek.com/

posted by afterrabbit


Wai Sie said...

A salt & pepper shacker that looks like a block of concrete! I must be in heaven... :P

afterrabbit said...

Y issit heaven then?
Any fell off concrete piece on the road can shake out salts n peppers?


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