Apr 6, 2008

House RR - Andrade Morettin

This summer house, by Andrade Morettin, is situated at a few metres from the sea, on the north coast of the State of São Paulo, a place with exuberant vegetation and hot humid climate. The project began with the idea of a big shelter, a “shell”, under which they could locate the programme and protect from the intense sun and frequent rains, without blocking the permanent natural cross ventilation. This roof measuring six metres high, with a surface of eighteen by eight metres, was built using a prefabricated timber structure with galvanized steel joints. The lateral and top faces are made of steel cladding with EPS filling. (to find out more..)

Am loving the non-merging yet blurring of inside & outside. The experience is so unique, like I'm in the rain but don't get wet.

passage from: http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com/index.php?fuseaction=wanappln.projectview&upload_id=2061
images from: http://www.andrademorettin.com.br/

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