Apr 18, 2008

New Forest "Tree House" Study Centre

The purpose-built study spaces within the Tree House Study Centre will be suitable for use throughout the community, as well as providing a stimulating environment for children, particularly from inner-city areas, who come for the wide range of activities we offer. The idea of the Tree House Study Centre is to build a facility which is at one with its surroundings, illustrates green building practice, and is an aid to education in itself. Now we have planning permission we hope to get the building constructed and open for business as soon as possible.
Samantha Sherwood, a third-year architecture student from Oxford Brookes University, created the innovative sustainable design concept of the study centre, which incorporates rainwater collection and biomass boilers. Samantha was the winner of a competition across five Schools of Architecture in the South East, to design the concept.
Specialist tree house contractor Blue Forest has been working with Samantha to turn her vision into a ‘buildable’ architectural solution, with additional sustainability advice from environmental engineering consultancy XCO2.
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passage from: http://www.cet.org.uk/news/article/20
images from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cetbeaulieu/tags/treehouse & http://www.solentcentre.org.uk/imgdb/366001

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