Apr 9, 2008

Qui est Paul

Qui est Paul?, a new brand of high-end furniture will be launched during the Milan furniture fair, in the off circuit around the Duomo, in the prestigious "Circolo Filologico" (Via Clerici, 10). In a way, Qui est Paul?, or Who is Paul? in English, tells the story of the life and values of a man through the objects he acquires and holds.The first pieces consist of rotomolded furniture that can be used in or out. They have been designed in order to be very sculptural, while remaining highly functional and ergonomic. They are all made out of fully recyclable PE.This first collection has been designed by Studio Paul and by Alain Gilles who in his "second life" has worked for Xavier Lust and Quinze and Milan and is currently being edited by several international brands such as Bonaldo. (to find out more..)

Rock Garden - Modular Planter Design Alain Gilles

Sliced Chair Design Alain Gilles

Tanslation(?) Armchair Design Alain Gilles

passage & images from: http://www.dexigner.com/design_news/qui-est-paul.html

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