Apr 6, 2009

World’s largest eco bag unveiled

THE world’s largest eco bag was unveiled in front of awe-struck spectators during the launch of Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2009 (KLDW 09) at KL Tower recently. As part of the event’s aim to make a difference in Malaysia’s creative economy, the bag made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, enhancing Malaysia’s name globally.(to find out more..)

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posted by midori mizu


a visitor said...

HOw ecological can the LARGEST eco bag be?
not that it is meant to be ecological, i know.
but it seem quite narrow minded:
1. is it, i wonder, another pursue (that is so trendy in malaysia) for the biggest, the largest, the MOST-!?
2. i know that large screams loud but as we are advocating LESS, reduction of material wastage (be it plastic or nylon), and we are to optimize function or purpose with less - that BIG banner(in the form of an "eco"bag) seem totally extravagant.
3. ecological values and messages should be demonstrated in built or purposeful (& reasonably scaled) items in MULTIPLEs. everybody using an eco bag, the quantity sparks trend etc...is more reasonable than a BIG bag with no disposal consideration hung up there.

afterrabbit said...

At the end of the day, there's no ecological intention at all.. Everything happening is just about branding (tourism?), a temporal self-satisfaction of the unbelievably ignorant ppl, funny is that they are those who has the power n finance to 'mass promote' sustainability.


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