Apr 1, 2009


Basic Design: The New Intelligence?
3 & 4 JULY 2009
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Amid all the current architectural conformity, we still find amazement in the simple,
calm in the unselfconscious. We still understand the value of the simplest fundamentals,
which, when wielded with intelligence and the integrity of process, produces remarkable
work: we understand the importance of getting back to basics.

It is time to be less consumptive and more inventive, to do more with less.

The thread of continuity which runs through DATUM:KL 2009 concerns the relevant, the
elegance of basic design, a time for reflection and a reassessment of those intrinsic
values we as architects apply to our work.

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afterrabbit said...

the theme this year echoes my current concern in architecture, am looking forward to it.

a visitor said...

many fellow students are very concerned with form.

Some studio 1 friends said that the seniors advised them to be more bold, drmatic, organic in FORM.
But sometimes, the SPACE is shadowed, compromised or unthought of...

Is an architecture that is humble, unassuming at the exterior but experiential in the SPACE be a boring design???? ARE YOU ALL BORED WITH A BOX ALREADY?

hope i can stir up some answers from this event

afterrabbit said...

haha, i AM bored with FORMS already...
You'd know that a box is far more interesting than organic forms if you go deep into it.
However, I do not hope this event makes any of our students go minimal for the sake of it.
In reality, minimal designs are highly complex.

afterrabbit said...

anyway, Think about what you see n hear.. appearance can be dressed up..


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