Apr 27, 2009

12 Reasons to refuse to Render!

Marc Joseph, from Young Architect, has written a post about one of those tasks you should try to avoid at all cost in order to make your life easier: 3D Rendering. He wrote down 12 reasons why you should avoid rendering in your office:

1. You Will Lose Track of Time

2. More Demands on Your Time

3. The Employer Doesn’t Have Knowledge of the Software

4. You Will Find Yourself Re-doing Things Over and Over

5. You Have to Sweat the Details

6. You Are On Your Own: No One Else Can Help You

7. You May Have Knowledge in One Software But Not Another

8. You Lose Your Personal Space

9. You Won’t Be Working on Important Tasks

10. You Will Learn Less

11. You Will Be Under-appreciated

12. Professionals Do It Better

(to find out more..)

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Anonymous said...

haha how true! nice sense of humor here.


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