Apr 18, 2009

Suppose Design Office - Design Vanguard 08

House in Saijo

Given the opportunity for a solo show in central Tokyo, most young architects would put their buildings on display. But Makoto Tanijiri, who founded the Hiroshima firm Suppose Design Office, is not like most architects. Instead of featuring stand-alone works, his recent exhibition, Tokyo Office, at the Prismic Gallery, displayed an entire work space. Desks, chairs, and a computer took the place of frames and pedestals, while concept sketches casually taped to the wall, binders of working drawings, study models, and other tools of the trade were as artfully arranged as a still-life painting.

...“If you think positively about a difficult problem, you will find a way to solve it,” explains the architect. (to find out more..)

House in Saijo

passage & images from: http://archrecord.construction.com/features/designvanguard/2008/supposedesignoffice/default.asp

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