Jul 17, 2008

Some Ideas on Living - Ryue Nishizawa & Stephen Taylor

The first North American exhibition of residential projects by architects Stephen Taylor and Ryue Nishizawa is taking place at Montréal's Canadian Centre for Architecture. The exhibition highlights the innovative approach both architects bring to the design of housing in their respective cities; Taylor in London and Nishizawa in Tokyo. 'Some Ideas on Living...' is curated by CCA curator for contemporary architecture Giovanna Borasi who worked in close collaboration with the two architects to realize the exhibition. 'Some Ideas on Living...' fills six galleries at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, divided between the two architects. the adjacent rooms are open to one another and contain one architectural project each, displayed using a variety of mediums and original display furniture by the architects. Specially built large-scale models of each residence are the centre piece of the displays, accompanied by drawings, renderings and photographic prints of the projects. This arrangement is intended to establish a connection between the two architects and their projects, which helps to identify differences and similarities. The exhibition not only highlights the work of the two architects but also their respective cities and cultures. Tokyo and London are two cities rich in history and contemporary importance. They are both dense urban areas of a similar scale and complexity. As they deal with growth related issues, London and Tokyo are redefining living in an urban environment. The work of Nishizawa and Taylor highlights the evolution each city is currently undergoing as they aim to find a new identity for the 21st century. Using architecture as a basis, larger cultural perspectives on the idea of home, privacy, community and other themes can be extrapolated from the exhibit. The origins of these emerging ideas serves to highlight the differences between the two cultures and also underlines the similarities between all people. Overall 'Some Ideas on Living..' provide us with just that, some ideas on living, no absolutes. The exhibit underlines the fact that the idea of home is different for every individual, and will continue to be. (to find out more..)
& more at www.someideasonliving.org.

passage & images from: http://www.designboom.com/contemporary/ideasonliving.html
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Also check out the exhibition website: www.someideasonliving.org

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