Jul 25, 2008

NEXT-GENE20:Taiwan's Experimental Housing Masterplan

Kengo Kuma - Aimai House

Akihisa Hirata - Architecture Farm

Hailim Suh - Ridge House

Toshiko Mori - FlexiVilla

Yung Ho Chang - Triptych House

MVRDV - Observer

IaN+ - Villa Palladio

Fernando Menis - House Aurum

Graft - bei-lin = shell under copious rain

Julien De Smedt - The Twirl House

Shu-Chang Kung - Radix House

David Chun-Tei Tseng - Terra Vista

Kris Yao - COCOON

Wen-Chieh Chiu - The Elf on the hilltop

Kyle Chia-Kai Yang - The House Q – In Phrase of Stratus

Hsueh-Yi Chien - Chromosome-H

Irving Hung-Hui Huang - Z-HOUSE

Ray Chen - Floating Courtyard

Sheng-Yuan Huang - Monsoon and the earthworms

Yu-Tung Liu - Calligraphic House

NEXT-GENE20 is a project that challenges 20 architects from around the world to design villas along the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area in Taiwan.(to find out more..)

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afterrabbit said...

they have cool website..
must architecture be so cool? lol~

midori mizu said...

they have cool promo video also..

chinweiz said...

yes, architecure has to be cool, but cool is not equal to expensive! haha

afterrabbit said...

cool sounds so...cool...
y not other ways XD


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