Jul 25, 2008

Koolhaas Interview

Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas talks about new trends in architecture and urban development, the end of the European city, the rise of Dubai, Russia and China, the obsession with XXXL and the difference between the people who design buildings for a living and "star architects."
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Rem Koolhaas: "I have a very hard time with the expression 'star architect'."
Rem Koolhaas on the CCTV Tower in Beijing: "It looks different from every angle."

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chinweiz said...

i'm starting to hate d*tch. hope it's my mistake. haha

afterrabbit said...

y o y?
are u on the exchange in Netherlands now?

chinweiz said...

their admin is very slow and inefficient. have been waiting for my visa for such a long period. supposedly flying off on the 28th july, cos of the visa, we have to delay our flight. and the problem is, the never give us an estimated date of when we can collect our visa, causing us a lot of trouble. dunno when to change our flight. anyway, i guess now shoudl be alright. i;m heading down to the embassy in kl to settle my visa, should get my visa by next week..haha...

afterrabbit said...

All the best for your study there. So nice get to go out and get exposed.
Good luck!


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