Jul 16, 2008

Four Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The development enjoys commanding views of the 50 acre KLCC Park as well as the Petronas Twin Towers. The Four Seasons hotel and affiliated serviced apartments are comprised in the forty-two story tower, while luxury condominiums will occupy the seventy story north tower. The tower's formal characteristics have been developed to complement the Petronas Towers and the overall skyline of Kuala Lumpur. Complex site geometries have been distilled into a clear diagram to organize the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles throughout the site. Podium planning has been developed to support the different user groups that will live, work, and play at Four Season Centre. The new development will link both above and below grade to neighboring Kuala Lumpur City Centre retail properties. (to find out more...)
by Pickard Chilton
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Wai Sie said...

This is the shyts!!

My propoganda for Malaysia's society of misplaced buildings (if there is one):

NO buildings may be taller than half the maxis tower around the perimeter of KLCC park!


To me, totally spoils the cityscape and it's wise to remember that the twin towers r meant to be the star here, the buildings around should complement NOT steal it's lime light. Now the skyline's just gonna get more congested.

As it is I'm already complaing about the terribly misplaced maxis tower and now an even taller four season's? Sigh

midori mizu said...

Well, looking at the perspectives of architects and developers, you cannot determine which piece of land is to be sold to which client whose unknown agenda is going to take place. In fact, the client will not buy this piece of land without knowing how high they can go on their development. There is a plot ratio control that determines how high a building can go at certain area(depending on the types of land).
Check this out:
it is the plot ratio control in the proposal of the kl city plan 2020.


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