Mar 29, 2010

Cheers, to SANAA

I've been busy (and lazy) but I can't stop myself from making this entry, right now.

"SANAA has today been announced the 2010 Pritzker Laureate"

Yes, I can repeat this line many times, calmly.

And I love them, especially Sejima.
Even though I have weird, probably repulsive feelings seeing my heroes walking up to the thrones, I'm genuinely happy for them.
It's probably me not yet ready for this change..

Anyhow, I don't want to start knowing them as the Pritzker Laureates.
Nishizawa-san will always be Nishizawa-san.
Sejima-obachan will always be Sejima-obachan.

They are not architects who stand above and look down on the commoners.
They're like kind neighbours across the street, showing me the beauty of ordinary, all the time.
I will always love them.


And the First-Love of a Lifetime - 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts Kanazawa
一生のハツコイ 「金沢21世紀現代美術館」


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yui said...

cheers ~~`~~ -gackt


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