Mar 31, 2010

Centro de Tecnificación Deportiva

A pure geometrical yet very beautiful integration into the landscape.


Dubbed the Ring, the center provides research and training facilities for water and mountain sports. To minimize its impact on the natural setting, Sánchez García concentrated its programmatic elements (classrooms, workshops, documentation and information centers, guest rooms, cafeteria) in a narrow structure 656 feet in diameter, then finished it in a reflective steel skin. He elevated the building on steel columns, minimizing foundation work, and built it in six months using prefabricated industrial elements. The perfect geometric form is marked at irregular intervals by access porches, while a running track occupies the roof. (to find out more)

The circular organisation ensures distances and autonomy between individual programs. Also offered to these spaces are their very own, unique connections to the landscape.

While raised above ground, the building is kept very close to the uneven contours, creating very intimate relationships between architectural space and the natural landscape.


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