Aug 28, 2011

Ground and Above Roof House - SPACESPACE

Taking note of the site's open atmosphere, the design features a transparent street facade with a vertically extended communal space that continues the sense of expansiveness to the interior. Situated on the corner of an intersection in a neighbourhood populated with long-term residents, the design aims to maintain a friendly level of communication with the street.

In addition, the site is characterized by an unchanged zoning regulation which enabled the architects to build slightly higher than the adjacent structure to the south. Taking advantage of this ability, the house stands much taller than a conventional two-storey building, placing its second level above an exceptionally open communal ground floor. (to find out more..)

2 comments: said...

Fantasy has overwhelmed me, guys. Seriously, I'm thinking about making my new house like this one. It's futuristic and modern. It also gives food for thought how to put the furniture.

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