Aug 28, 2011

Yokohama Apartment, ON design partners

Japanese architecture practice ON design partners has sent us images of 'Yokohama Apartment', a two-storey residential complex for young artists in Kanagawa, Japan. Located in an area populated with wooden houses and narrow roads, the design elevates the living units to sit above a semi public courtyard which serves as a multifunctional place for exhibitions, work, and socializing.

Conceived as the main communal space, the courtyard is loosely defined by four, triangular volumes that pinwheel around the center. An outdoor kitchen complete with a sink and stove allows the inhabitants to congregate in this area for a variety of functions. A washroom and storage closets are accommodated at the ground level of the four pillars, ensuring efficient organization of the second storey. Access to
the elevated living space above is gained by a series of exterior staircases that wrap around the courtyard. The landings serve as small outdoor terraces that provide visual connection to both the street and communal area below.
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