Dec 14, 2009

Design for Life

Design for Life from design on Vimeo.

As far as we are concerned, the X factor has come to the end with Joe being crowned as the winner. If you are wondering what you should look up next, this is definitely it! A Designer's life show consisting 12 selected candidates from hundred over entries and the ultimate winner will be granted for a placement in the famous designer Philippe Starck's firm at Paris for 6 months. Better don't miss out!

midori mizu


afterrabbit said...

finally one good show.
Don't just watch competitions, Think about life, people!

mifori mizu said...

Absolutely. Very interesting piece of live show. Came across Philippe Stark during my first year and presented his design ideas for Juicy Salif,Citrus-squeezer. Can we expect a architecture design life show anytime soon?

afterrabbit said...

Hmm...I was thinking the same but it occurred to me that an architecture one would be a little dull, perhaps.
But I think it's brilliant if one of the challenges in this Starck series will actually be a near-architectural brief.

afterrabbit said...

Read comments below the videos (at Vimeo website)and you'll find links to subsequent episodes.


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