Dec 1, 2009

carpets . nanimarquina

Nanimarquina, led by Nani Marquina, is a rug/carpet designer and manufacturer based in Barcelona.

Coming across her works, I recalled what Adolf Loos once said,

"The architect's general task is to provide a warm and liveable space. Carpets are warm and liveable. He decides for this reason to spread out one carpet on the floor and to hang up four of them to form the four walls."

'liveable space' from a sensual perspective.

Indeed, for any of us who loves simplistic, minimalist interiors, carpet is one of the major things that never fail to enliven a space. Carpets lend -visual and physical - softness and warmth to the otherwise hard and cold atmosphere often exist in minimal, functional spaces to name a few. Imagine how it'd probably make a difference if every prison cells are provided with one warm coloured, woolly carpet. I might like to nap on the floor more often if there's one fine rug in the room.

Well, nanimarquina has a fairly pleasant website, very browsing friendly. Features wide selections of rug designs from classic to contemporary, plus a few other textile products as likeable.
You will be able to find your cup of tea.

One of my favourite images showing how carpet helps humanizing space:
House A, by Ryue Nishizawa, Tokyo. (not carpet from nanimarquina, I think)

images edited by afterrabbit.


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