Sep 24, 2009

iida - PLY

iida has recently made a new addition into its mobile line - PLY. Beyond its formal expression, PLY bears the profound meaning of "lamination layers" - layers of time, culture, technology and design. Everything that encompasses us continually accretes layer upon layer until it finally produces something of new value.

Forward-looking, yet utter direct in projecting nostalgic impressions of the schedule books and old cassette players from the very first sight of it. The design seems intending to signify how all modern entertainment and working means are now brought to us in one slim and convenient device, showing the way of the future yet at the same time reminding us of where we've come from.
Certainly the only mobile phone design (that I can recall) which is so sympathetic to our memories of the good old times :-)

Function tabs on the side of PLY (top) reminiscent of the buttons on Sony Walkman (bottom left) and tab markers of schedule notebooks (bottom right).
Functions follow - the Old - forms.

I don't know how This one above came about and it most certainly is not the original design. Pretty cool nonetheless.

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