Jan 5, 2009

Christ Pavilion Expo 2000 by GMP Architekten

The Pavilion of Christian religions, a combined contribution of the Catholic and Protestant Churches for the EXPO 2000, is intended to be a contemplative counterpart to the vanity fair with architectural highlights: Simple in structure, reduced to a few materials, precise in detail, unmistakable in its appearance and spatial atmosphere. Lighting and strong verticality grant the hall its dignity and solemnity.Spatial “enclaves“ are located in the transmission between “Christ Hall“ and the cloister as “Rooms of Silence“, where themes of Christianity and the Church are communicated to the visitor in a semantic interpretation. Staircases lead to the underground “crypt". (to find out more...)

text and images from: http://www.gmp-architekten.de/index.php?id=4&L=1&tx_mimpdb_pi1[showUid]=76&tx_mimpdb_pi1[sword]=expo&cHash=205e83633f

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afterrabbit said...

o i like this!!
how 'shoji' it is~

archein said...

well. I work for them. But in Shanghai.
I was interested in the SANAA doc since I am thinking about going to Japan.
Kuala Lumpur. I just know Ng Seksan personally there. Jobs in Malaysia at the moment ? Cheers


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