Jan 25, 2009

Chameleon Tower - Anderson Anderson Architecture

Situated on a hill high above a neighboring cherry orchard that also offers breathtaking westward views of Lake Michigan, the Chameleon Tower was designed to relate to the materials and scale of the surrounding agricultural landscape. And with no other house in sight, much of the built environment consisted of the occasional metal farm building along the rural road that runs through the orchard to the house.
The home is located in Northport, Mich., some 300 miles north of Detroit, on a small peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan, and was built as a weekend retreat for a young family who live about three hours away. In addition to wanting to take advantage of the spectacular views, they also requested a large living and play area where they could all be together, as well as small bedrooms so that the kids would be encouraged to play in the main living areas or outdoors.

All of these factors posed a significant challenge to design a home that could not only meet several complex functional and aesthetic objectives, but also blend in nicely while capitalizing on the beautiful scenery - complete with a price tag that wouldn't break the bank. Based on the number of prestigious industry awards it received, Anderson Anderson Architecture's Chameleon Tower more than met that challenge. (to find out more..)

text & images from: http://www.livingsteel.org/case-studies/chameleon-tower

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