Dec 8, 2008

IJburg House - Marc Koehler

The residents of IJburg (pronounced “Ye” burg) - a quiet Amsterdam suburb that sits on artificial islands along the IJ river - have a new, flashy neighbor, but we doubt that anyone will complain about it. Already known for his trademark design style that lives somewhere at the busy intersection of architecture, communication, community and ecology, Marc Koehler’s latest project - the IJburg House - does not disappoint. This is one cube house that refuses to be square.
Envisioned as a monolithic sculptural mass that was carved out of solid matter rather than a series of walls raised around a defined structure, the IJburg House contrasts introverted private spaces that form the mass with open collective spaces that seem to have been carved out of the solid volume. The collective spaces, or removed chunks of the mass, effectively connect the house with the street, the garden, and the roof terrace. The house is at once stable, simple, and permanent. (to find out more..)

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