Dec 23, 2008

Dead Sea Masterplan Proposes Sensitive Sustainable Design in Unique Landscape

London-based Metropolitan workshop has put together an ambitious sustainable masterplan to develop the shores of the Dead Sea, in order to harness the unique natural assets of the area, tackle environmental and social issues and boost the economy of Jordan as a whole.The Dead Sea is world famous for its salinity, but Jordanians are facing the stark reality that the water level is dropping over one metre every year, mainly due to water from feeder rivers and aquifers being used unsustainably, to compensate for a 50% deficit in rainfall. At the same time, the Jordanian population is growing. Amman, which is just 40 minutes drive from the Dead Sea, is now home to 2.1 million people, 750,000 of whom have arrived since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
It is against this complex social and environmental back-drop that Metropolitan Workshop has been invited to develop a regional plan, which will expand the existing Mujib Reserve to protect the whole watershed of the Dead Sea, an area the same size as the Thames Gateway, whilst also developing economic opportunities, especially in tourism.
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