Sep 9, 2008

Free Architecture Courses

If you have a computer or an iPod, you can go to college for free. Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world offer free downloads of popular courses and lectures in architecture, urban design, and engineering.

Yes, there are drawbacks. You can't chat with the professors or classmates. You can't earn credits or work toward a degree. But you'll get the same lecture notes and assignments as "live" students. In some cases, you can even download free audio files and videos.
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posted by midori mizu


The Storialist said...

This is undoubtedly one of the huge benefits of technology.

So wonderful. I really wish that all college courses were affordable/free. I hope public universities and community colleges will become even more accessible and affordable in the future!

afterrabbit said...

yeah that's what we all hope.
How I wish I could earn a Master from such courses too XD
sorry then lecturers have to find other jobs..


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