Sep 27, 2008

Abandoned spaces

What is it about abandoned property and places, frozen in time, that makes them seem more real than any other representation of history we encounter? From individual structures to entire abandoned towns and cities, abandonments large and small inspire the imagination and tell us things about the past in a visceral way. Capturing moments in time, deserted cities, towns, buildings and other abandoned property can be powerfully evocative. Many people break laws, trespass on property and risk life and limb to explore and photograph abandoned places. (to find out more..)

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The Storialist said...

This is so true. Abandoned spaces are haunting and intriguing (especially older buildings and churches).

I used to drive by an abandoned, boarded-up church. It was wonderfully creepy.

This post also made me think of the uses for abandoned spaces. In "Into the Wild," there's that abandoned bus in Alaska that served as shelter for hikers.

afterrabbit said...

yea i'd like to get into one of these..
The bare yet rich texture, dead stagnant air in the spaces makes them almost another world, I imagine.
It may be just great for meditation or stuffs like that..


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