Aug 5, 2008

Beijing Olympic Countdown 5: The National Grand Theatre

PAUL ANDREU ponders what has become of his dream of giving Beijing a National Theater that would be the envy of the world. "The Big Hole - yes, that would be a very apt name," the French architect says as he scans the partly excavated site alongside Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital.Andreu's vision - a $300-million structure that is not so much a building as it is a futuristic bubble set in an artificial lake - has been repeatedly stalled by objections of Beijingers who derisively refer to it as the "alien egg." Others have not been so kind calling it a "Giant Turd."
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afterrabbit said...

think of it as merely a building, it might be brilliant; think of it as an architecture, it is totally shit.
it's alien building their giant bunker right against the gate of Chinese dignity
would be glad anytime if they gona tear it down.


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