Aug 2, 2008

Mass Dissemination of Architecture Through Film

Came stumbled across this site and realized the Bird's Nest Herzog & de Meuron Film is to be released this week at some theaters across Japan.
Well, this is cool, finally chances are there for us walking into the theater to watch ourselves. Like I said in the blog's first post, Maggie Cheung made Ole Schereen known to the general public, and we certainly got closer than ever to celebrityhood after this film's release XD

Seriously, it is a great way to mass disseminate architectural message to the general public (we need this in Malaysia) where such consciousness in this field is relatively weak. Such films may effectively correct the views of the local public on us architects, and take us with better regards that we deserve.

To those who can afford: Buy a dvd copy from the official website & lend it to your neighbours !!

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