May 16, 2008


International Master Architects Aggregative Brainchild In Next Gene 20 Ao-di grand land architecture Project. Next Gene, the meaning is next generation gene and next generation, representative the environment and life style of people live in the future. That international Architects join in collective architectural project is the first time of Taiwanese architectural history. Ao-di Grand Architecture International Project invites ten international and domestic architects to think the relationship among land, building and people, the architects on the same land , dialogue and design the housing, the project is called "the forum of different kind buildings" ,”the PK match of architecture”, it is also "the live exhibition hall" of Taiwan Architecture. 10 International Architects Kengo Kuma、Akihisa Hirata、Hailim Suh、Toshiko Mori、Yung Ho Chang、MVRDV、IaN+、Fernando Menis、GRAFT、Julien De Smedt 10Taiwanese Architects Shu-Chang Kung、David Chun-Tei Tseng、Kris Yao、Jay Wen – Chieh Chiu、Kyle Chia-Kai Yang、Hsueh Yi Chien、Irving Hung-Hui、Ray Chen、Sheng-Yuan Huang、Yu-Tung Liu
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Aimai House, Kengo Kuma

Ridge House, Hailim Suh

FlexiVilla, Toshiko Mori

COCOON, Kris Yao

Observer, MVRDV

and 15 more @ NEXT GENE20

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