May 13, 2008

Alishan Tourist Routes,Taiwan

One degree of latitude = One kilometer of altitude. This is a crucial equation in the understanding of the potential of the Alishan Mountain as a tourist site. It allows both an ecological and cultural connection between Taiwan and a family of nations via a material argument about culture in the new global society: that new regionalisms can be constructed at all levels of material practice. The opposition of nature and culture can no longer be conceived of as a simple dialectic... Agriculture maintains a varied and dynamic landscape of extreme variance. A Journey up the Alishan Mountain is a journey through four distinct ecosystems. We propose to harness this difference and accentuate it, so that the different climactic regions are reflected in a gradient of culture, cuisine, and landscape along the line. (to find out more...)

This is a competition that was won by Reiser + Umemoto in year 2003. It is interesting to me how steel was folded and manipulated to achieve this form. This ought to enhance the aesthetic of this cultural tourist site.
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