Apr 28, 2011

Jun Igarashi Architects: Layered House

'Layered House' by Japanese practice Jun Igarashi Architects is a two-storey dwelling for a family of four located east of Hokkaido in the old city district of Saroma-cho. The design designates long slices of the floor plan to separate programs, creating with a linear compilation a house that is literally layered from one end to the other.

The site is surrounded by a heavily-used street to the north, a co-op farm to the east, a warehouse to the west, and the house of the clients' parents to the south. Taking these conditions as a point of departure, the design pins its directionality to the south where a small garden is placed and creates a closed-door atmosphere for the rest of the house, creating a sense of ease and comfort for the inhabitants. The north, east, and west faces are limited in windows while a large opening to the south places natural light at the center of focus. (to find out more)


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