Oct 24, 2010


LLOVE, the exhibition where you can stay for the night
It is an exhibition, but you can stay for the night. You can choose whichever room you like and spend a night in luxury with a smile.

Location: Daikanyama i Studio. Ebisu-nishi 1-36-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo(1 minute walk from Daikanyama Station)
Period: 22 October (Fri) – 23 November (Tue)
Inquiries: info@llove.jp
Visiting the hotel rooms:
- on appointment (telephone number will be announced on the HP)
- from 29 October until November 3, the rooms will be open to public from 12 until 17hrs
Entrance fee: none

(to find out more..)

text: http://llove.jp/en/
images: http://www.excite.co.jp/ism/concierge/rid_23175/pid_1.html



ling said...

just curious, what is that clock through the wall for?

afterrabbit said...

i think it's a design concept. look carefully you'll see everything 'pass through' the floor into the adjacent room :)

afterrabbit said...

sorry i wasn't awake ==
it's through the *wall into the adjacent room. lol

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