Sep 29, 2010

Sperone Westwater Gallery - Foster + Partners

Sperone Westwater celebrates the opening of its new gallery on the Bowery in New York with an inaugural exhibition by Argentinean artist, Guillermo Kuitca. Nearly 35 years after its conception, Sperone Westwater continues to exhibit an international roster of prominent artists working in a wide variety of media. Its new building, designed by Foster + Partners, doubles the exhibition area and pioneers an innovative approach to vertical movement within a gallery setting.

Responding to the compact 25 by 100 foot site, one of the features of the project is a 12 by 20 foot moving gallery, which connects the upper four exhibition floors and allows visitors to move gradually between levels. It is a prominent feature along the Bowery, visible from the street, its gentle pace contrasting with the fast-moving traffic. At any given floor, the exhibition space can be extended by parking the moving room as required, with an additional elevator and stairs providing alternative access..

After SANAA, another brilliant art gallery in the form of a skyscraper, is completed on the Bowery by Lord Foster.
Put aside the beautiful proportion of the building.
From altering the scale of the entrance lobby to temporarily increasing gallery spaces, the 'red box' idea is delightful & surprising each time its variety of potentials are revealed, both sensational & practical.
One of the most boring and daunting aspects in spatial design, freight lift in this case, is made the coolest thing in the Sperone Westwater Gallery.

See Lord Foster discusses the design:


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