Jan 15, 2010

The 3rd & The 7th / architecture (temporarily) for architects

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

p/s: Watch in Full Screen mode.
* How good of the creator for sharing with us the original mp4 torrent, it's worth a spot in your CG collection. I'm downloading it as I think I'll never want to attempt on anything similar..hmm..


I'm not much of a fan of architectural animations but this one is unmistakably the best realistic architectural CG I've seen yet in my life.
How brilliant can it be? Well... so realistic that I'd rather believe they're the real things in there, up until the point where water orbs and books start to do their anti-gravitational magic.

Having said that I'm treating it as the real thing, I should then mention what I think is the downside of it, or rather how it brings up what I think is my own shortcoming as an architecture student.
The video depicts a world with perpetual absence of human, except the lonely photographer who hardly make his appearance anyway. The symmetry, precision, smoothness and cleanliness of the architectural works are also of exceptional level.

I'm by no means criticising this CG video itself, but to reflect on the everlasting inner-struggle of many students, architects and designers. Isn't this the kind of egoism or (selfish) self-satisfaction we sometimes seek to realise? The strong yearn for a perfect, literally untarnished building, monument or sculpture - that we're so restrained from putting in a human figure, fearing the muddy footsteps he leaves - is just what invades our mind once in a very short while.
At such moment, we're not thinking of designing for people, but for our own accomplishments.
We're neither artists, nor builders; we stand in an ambiguous zone between the two and that's why we can always keep wondering, 'people or ourselves?', 'service or masturbation?'.

Anyhow, there's no point for a strict conclusion for this 'issue' as to picking either sides. We love seeing other people enjoying our architecture and services; we also love giving self-appraisals that always boost our passion and confidence. Striking that personal balance will do.



Adeline said...

I do agree with what you have said. In fact, alot of people do not get what architecture is. It's not about showing off your sharp-angled roofs or flair for complicated facade which sometimes create meaningless visual appeal... and they do not even know how to justify their own creations. And yes, they would like to forget about the purpose of buildings by designing without the humanistic touch.

afterrabbit said...

Perhaps it's pretty obvious just by looking at how one sketches / does his rendering and montages...Hmm..


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