Nov 7, 2009

Vanishing Stairs and a "vanishing" public space

Vanishing Stairs is an installation created by New Zealand sculptor, Neil Dawson in 1997. This suspended sculpture hovers above the public piazza at Megan Avenue, formerly known as Megan Phileo Promenade.

Dawson believes that public art should not be hidden. Hence the massive size. However, being surrounded by tall buildings at all 4 corners eliminates all possibility of the public getting a view of this sculpture.

Nevertheless, "vanishing stairs" inspires awe as the stairs appears like out of nowhere floating in the air. The use of wire gives a transparent feel and from certain angles the "stairs" seem to like have vanished into thin air.

It is most unfortunate that the public space below is quite devoid of human activity. Instead of adding water features (which were not there previously), they should have worked towards creating a space where office workers can rest or interact during lunch breaks.

I believe we need to look more into creating lively and functional public spaces. Some may dismiss piazza's as a western fad. But then how about hawker squares?

The urban jungle would be a much more livable place if there are more public spaces.

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afterrabbit said...

it's in Kuala Lumpur, by the way.
somewhere near the Petronas Twin Towers..


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