Oct 10, 2009

空気の港 / Air Harbour

空港(kuukou) is the Japanese character for 'airport', break it down and it becomes 'air port', or
'air harbour', 空気の港(kuuki no minato) as how they put it.

This is a [not quite]digital public art project currently put up at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo.
A port that is filled with air.

A new way of feeling -with a little bit of joy and slowness- the Huge and Airy terminal space we might have often neglected as we rushed through the gates.
It is a pleasant co-existence of two different worlds: gravitation & zero-gravitation; fast-walking & slow-floating; tension & relaxation; restriction & freedom..

It may have an antidotal effect on the common urban illness of pressure in the Japanese society, who knows? Try stalking one which floats slowly across the terminal, or turn around and say hi to one which has just landed beside you~

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