May 8, 2009

Ewha Womans University - DPA

A landscape then, more than an architecture work, located in the midst of Seoul’s university area. A campus valley where nature, sport grounds, event locations and educational buildings mix, intermingle and follow one another. A long asphalted strip, delineated at one end by a race track, and, completely surrounded by nature. Arranged nature where pear trees and topiary reign. Black asphalt, red race track, green nature and fi nally the white brightness of a valley appears. A valley, which is bravely drawn in the ground, slides down along a gentle slope. At the other end, the slope becomes a huge stairway which can be used as an open air amphitheatre if necessary.
At the very heart of the valley, a dreamlike immersion takes place. Opposed to the outdoor world, a subtle and serene universe appears suddenly. Classrooms and libraries, amphitheatres and auditoriums, shops and movement… Everything follows up with a constant. (to find out more..)

Dominique Perrault Architecture

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Anonymous said...

walkin' down across the cut tru the grass terrains with 2 glass walls thearetically seem like walkin tru the two magnificent walls of red sea that moses parted (at least in the illustrated movie).


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