Feb 19, 2009

Starchitecture Under Siege: The Top Ten Recent Disasters

Fire - Cause for half of the 10 recent disasters in buildings...

Disaster: Fire ignited by illegal fireworks from CCTV employees working next door during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Disaster: Fire, cause unknown.

Disaster: Fire three years after construction

Disaster: Fire ignited by roofer's torch in 2006.

Disaster: Fire ignited by scrap workers' blow-torching of an old boiler in the basement, after apparently not hearing about the OTHER Adler and Sullivan building in Chicago that had been destroyed by blow torch fire earlier that year (2006).

All these buildings catching fire have gotten us thinking about the vulnerabilities of new construction. Without active sprinkler systems—and with spontaneously combustible hazards lying around—it doesn't take much to do a number on these buildings. But starchitecture is different! It takes more than just some rags and cleaning fluid to ruin the world's man-made wonders. It takes forces of nature! Wind! Rain! Uh...negligence! Fireworks!
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