Nov 9, 2008

Crawling all over Liverpool

Try to mentally picture those amazing drawings by Lebbeus Woods, which show those parasitic, mechanic creatures that appear to be crawling up along the side of a "normal" building. Those drawings look bizarrely futuristic. And even though years have passed between the first time he draw one of those parasitic robo-creatures (if I may call them that, for lacking a more becoming name), they still had a look like they were something out of the future...

...Until just now, I must say. Actually, since somewhere in September 2008, but I didn't know until today. The vision that seemed to redeem in the drawings of Lebbeus Woods became alive: The French company La Machine made a gigantic mechanical spider for the celebration for Liverpool as the European Capital of Culture. The mechanical spider, weighing in at 37 tons, could have been seen crawling up a side of a pretty non-descript tower building with the speed of two miles per hour.

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