Feb 25, 2010

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

Something nice for loosing up your nerves.
Am fond of its co-existence of 3-dimensional dynamism and 2-dimensional clarity. Everything is dancing happily right at you face (is that what HD means?), in sync with an equally cheerful and energetic music piece.


Feb 21, 2010

Floating gardens by Anne Holtrop

floating gardens / Spa Wellness Amsterdam

If architecture is a landscape full of non-coherent but co-existing elements. A landscape where different uses, social relations, spatial organizations and political viewpoints can co-exist simultaneously. If this situation is being emphasized, rather than straighten out, new possibilities can emerge that would otherwise never be found.

The floating gardens design relates with that intention: building on water, architecture and landscape, private & public use and many more aspects.

A visitor will walk from room to room and experience a sequence of baths, panoramic saunas, chill and relax areas. From the interior, the frame the constructed landscape and give access to outdoor terraces and pools. From thereon paths continue over the hills and through the valleys connecting different spaces.

The persons who walk here, will see a combination of water, vegetation and architecture, which gratifies the human desire for a world that is visible and tangible. Architecture constructs a landscape, a landscape is inhabited. Interior and exterior, landscape and architecture are one.
(to find out more..)

Personally, i would really love to see this project to be realised in Amsterdam. A seamingly ideal project that blends the architecture and landscape so well that human experience will be really intriguing, the idea of combining a floating garden and spa is real awesome too.

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Feb 20, 2010

Feb 6, 2010

Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Currently in mid- construction phase, you'll see students & workers on site.

Bird's eye view. Everything looks very "green" from here, yeah including the water. The water filter system isn't up yet.

Isn't it lovely to sit on this piazza, munching away your sandwich & indulging in some people watching?

Imagine lying on the green turfs reading your book, doodling or updating your journal.

I'm happy to report that there is quite a strong breeze blowing in this direction (yes, towards us! in between the 2 blocks!)

Skylights. Ample natural lighting during the day.

The stairs. Not sure if they intend to do anything with it or leave it as it is.

A weird view & end of a route.

One of the studios. Foldable partitions & exposed services are a favorite.

Roll out the exercise mats people!


An over-crowded student car park.


Feb 1, 2010

Prefabs for Haiti

According to the Miami Herald, architect Andrés Duany has created a temporary house -- referred to as the "core-house" -- that can be made of a strong, composite material and flat pack shipped to Haiti. The prefab houses sleep eight, if arranged with the bunk beds, and can expand with additional core units. Duany believes they could be built affordably in order to provide a temporary shelter from the elements and rain. (to find out more..)

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